The outerwear brand Milo was founded in 1952 and is renowned for its excellent quality and perfect fit in wool coats.  Milo coats can be bought at selected retailers in Europe.

Our coats are made for women who love comfortable fashion with a stylish and timeless touch. She prefers the best quality in wool with a soft cashmere feeling in a natural and rich appearance. The Milo coat is a compliment to femininity and gives a women a luxury feeling.

Quality and Comfort

Milo coats are made with utmost care and precision.
We therefore promise you the best quality at a comfortable price for women who love style and comfort.

Enjoy our coats and learn more about us at:

Handmade in Europe

The wool coats are made in fashionable dessins like tweeds, checks and structured wool qualities which are carefully selected by our designers in the area of Prato Italy where all the high quality wool fabrics are produced.

Milo coats are produced in Europe with utmost precision in order to guarantee the best quality at a commercial price point.